About Us

We are a community that appreciate every detail of exceptional lifestyle products from the eye of experts.

THIS HAS TO STOP. End the growing frustration when you could only find shallow explanation of technical words, end the increasing confusion when you found uncountable “The Best Practice”. We’re here to clear these blocks for you, so you can focus on learning and exploring this fascinating world.

Our team is formed by lifestyle experts, including researchers, artisans and selection store owners. We write posts that cover a wide range of products, including ceramics, tea, wooden crafts…you name it. We’ll tell you everything from the difference between each material to the whole manufacturing process. Our mission is to clarify your doubts and make sure you discover something new and interesting every time.

Concept Nice and Humble stands for “Nice and simple products that help you keep living your life in a humble way”.

They might not be eye-catching, but are definitely well-designed. Every production step and product detail are carefully planned by artisans to bring us the best user experience.

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